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Quality Accreditation

Austral is quality accredited to ISO9001:2008.

Our accreditation to ISO9001:2008, ensures that our processes are continually updated to meet all regulatory requirements and to provide a quality service to clients.  From the outset of all relationships, we determine your needs, and make every effort to fulfil all requirements and expectations. 

Austral is committed to continuously improving the quality of its operations and services and strives to:

  1. Identify the changing needs and expectations of our clients
  2. Maintain our processes and procedures in line with our clients' needs
  3. Provide quality customer service in an environment of strict compliance
  4. Maintain integrity in all work performed
  5. Provide an environment of continuous improvement
  6. Develop its people to perform within statutory and regulatory requirements and guidelines
  7. Provide a safe and healthy workplace

Austral is committed to continuosly improving the quality of its operations and services.