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About Us

About Us

Austral’s core business is the collection of debts in the commercial and consumer markets. 

Austral’s operations are decentralised with fully equipped and resourced offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane , Adelaide and Perth.  This structure allows Austral to better understand our clients’ needs, develop stronger relationships with our clients and provide more customised solutions in an environment of strict compliance.

Austral has a panel of solicitors from all states within Australia who carry out all of Austral’s legal action work.  These firms of solicitors are highly experienced in debt collection litigation and are highly regarded in the industry.

Our process serving and field calls are carried out by highly reputable and fully licensed field agents, who provide a prompt and thorough service while carrying out their tasks in a sensitive and courteous manner.

Austral is ISO9001:2008 quality accredited.  Audits carried out regularly by external auditors ensures that our processes are compliant with all regulatory standards, and constantly updated to ensure that we a providing quality service to our clients.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of QBE Insurance Limited, Austral conforms to the Risk Management System AS4360:1999.  Its documented compliance regime includes fully automated and scheduled staff training, as well as documented and regularly tested disaster recovery program.