Debt Collection Solutions designed to Maximise Net Return

Tailored solutions to 8 industry segments


Providing an innovative and cost neutral rate and sundry debt collection solution to maximise net return and assist with cashflow. 

A proven track record in recovering outstanding rates for more than 100 local government organisations across Australia. 

Austral specialises in providing local government  organisations with innovative rate and sundry debt collection solutions, to help maximise their net return and assist with their cash flow. 

Our successful performance over many years is a result of our commitment and flexibilty to meet the changing needs of the industry and constantly changing demographic profile of Australia.

Our expertise lies in the core activity of rate and sundry debt collection.  We understand the importance of recovering outstanding rates quickly and sensitively, so you can concentrate on what you do best. 

Our investment in highly skilled people, new technology and proven process has seen us become a leading provider of rate recovery services, for over 100 local government organisations. 

Austral brings a unique combination of experience and innovation to deliver rate and sundry debt collection solutions that comply with all Australian legislative, regulatory and licensing requirements.


Austral is a Preferred Supplier of debt recovery services for the NSW Local Government.