Debt Collection Solutions designed to Maximise Net Return

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As specialists in the area of "Levies Arrears Management"   Austral provides a consultative approach to arrears management by working with Strata Managers to achieve the best pre-legal outcome for their clients.  

Austral has extensive experience when exercising the balance required to deal with Owners Corporations and individual property owners. We work with Strata Managers each step of the way to ensure your relationship with each owner remains secure and profitable.

Austral's Strata Collect product is a cost neutral levy collection service designed to improve a scheme's cash flow by quickly recovering overdue levies and locating hard to contact lot owners.

The secured nature of these debts results in a very high pre-legal recovery rate, resulting in a cost effective recovery service that frees up the Strata Manager's time to pursue other facets of their core business.  

Strata Collect -  a levy collection service designed for Strata Managers and Owners Corporations.