Debt Collection Solutions designed to Maximise Net Return

Customised Debt Recovery Services


Austral Letters of Demand - to prompt an immediate response from your debtor

Our demand letters inform your debtor of their obligation to pay, the consequences of non - payment within the specified time frame and comply with all legislation, including Federal Privacy legislation.

We prepare and mail letters of demand on your behalf. Where payment or contact is not made by your debtor within the specified period, we will immediately proceed with further recovery action.

You arrange for a Letter of Demand by:

  • Loading the debt details via Austral's website - DebtNet
  • Completing a Debt Placement Form
  • Sending us a spreadsheet or file extract (recommended for high volume users)
Telephone Demands - to gain a direct commitment to pay

Your Account Manager will contact the debtor by phone in order to gain their immediate commitment to pay the account. If the debtor is unable to clear the debt immediately, we will establish and manage an instalment plan designed to clear the debt quickly.

If the debtor is either unwilling or unable to enter into a satisfactory payment arrangement, we will advise you on further recovery action.

Customised Letters of Demand which prompt an immediate response.