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TradeCollect cover provides assistance in the costs of collecting unpaid debts, helping you offer credit. This product extension may be added to the Comprehensive (AP) policy. TradeCollect harnesses the power of Austral's debt recovery services and QBE Trade Credit's long history and experience in credit management, helping to provide you with the right balance to help your business grow with confidence.

Why TradeCollect?

  • Preferential pricing from Austral Mercantile Collections
  • 100% Reimbursement (up to $10,000) of your Austral debt collection fees on each fresh Australian & New Zealand Insured Debts*. Debts must be placed no later than 30 days after your Policy's maximum extension period (MEP)
  • TradeCollect even provides a Reimbursement up (up to $8,000) of debt collection fees when placing fresh debts with your own professional collection agent or solicitor
  • Access to international collections and legal recovery
  • For older debts placed beyond 30 days of your MEP, a reduced reimbursement will apply (up to $4,000 in respect of legal fees only)

How TradeCollect Works

  • Contact and register with Austral Mercantile Collections
  • Request the TradeCollect endorsement be added to your eligible QBE Trade Credit policy#
  • Then you can promptly lodge your overdue debts via Austral's DebtNet portal, and monitor progress
  • To obtain reimbursement simply present QBE paid Austral inovices and a completed reimbursement form
  • QBE Trade Credit will reimburse you for all eligible debt collection fees

Want to know more?

  • Contact your insurance broker or QBE Trade Credit to see whether TradeCollect is available to you
  • Our team will then arrange for the Austral Service Agreement to be sent to you for completion and return
  • Once enabled you can take advantage of all the benefits of TradeCollect
  • Austral will contact you to discuss the collection process most suitable to you

#Trade Collect may be added to Comprehensive (AP) & some Selective (AP) policies.

*Conditions apply as set out in the Policy wording and the TradeCollect policy endorsement.

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TradeCollect is available exclusively to Australian QBE Trade Credit policyholders.